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The organisation

The Beginning

It started in April 2010 when Shalini Shanmugalingam and Ilias Panchard, young students living in Switzerland, decided to found and association aiming to build humanitarian infrastructures in Nepal, one of Asia’s poorest countries. From the beginning, some friends believed in us and help us out. Gabriel Scheder is one of them, actual treasurer.

Ilias Panchard Gabriel Scheder Shalini Shanmugalingam

We have always been interested by history, politics and everything related to news in general. After numerous discussions about poverty, global warming or access to health and education, we decide to take action, because nothing happens only by talking. So we decided to launch ourselves in this humanitarian project.

Present Day

We are currently gathering the necessary funds for our first project by selling merchandise made in Nepal, selling pastries and of course the generosity of donators.

Our partner in Nepal, M. Rajju Pradhan, is searching for schools who could receive help in the area of Kathmandu. The aim is to give children access to education through various projects.

The Future

Construction of the first school is steadily growing. It should be built in the village of Mangalpur in the district of Chitwan on one hectare square of land. The project is going forward in Nepal (land, finances, materials and of course children for the school) and in Switzerland (finances, advertisement, news).

"We know it well that none of us acting alone can achieve success."
Nelson Mandela

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